GI Police Report

News media report for: 07/09/24
All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours. For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.
Offense: Terroristic Threats
Victim: 36 year old male, 47 year old male Incident #: L24070681
Offender: Rolando Aguilera Saborit
Date and Time of Incident: 7/8/24 @ 23:10
Location of Incident: 619 W 12th St
Brief Narrative: On 7/8/2024 at approximately 2310 hours, Officers were dispatched to 619 W 12th St. for a report of a Weapons Offense. Upon Officers arrival, two homeowners of the residence advised that an argument began between them and Rolando Aguilera Saborit, who currently is renting the downstairs room of the residence. During the argument, the victims advised that Rolando would retrieve a kitchen knife from a drawer in the kitchen and threatened to stab both of the homeowners. These allegations were corroborated by multiple witnesses and family members of the victims who were inside the residence at the time. Rolando Aguilera Saborit was arrested for Terrorist Threats (x2) and Use of a Deadly Weapon to Commit a Felony (x2).

Offense: Domestic Assault
Victim: Incident #: L24070641
Offender: David Cronin & Alexsus Cronin
Date and Time of Incident: 7/8/24 @ 12:00
Location of Incident: 2323 Bellwood Dr; Lot 93
Brief Narrative: On 7-8-2024 at or around 1314 hrs, Officers responded to 2323 Bellwood Dr #93 in reference to a domestic assault call for service.  Upon arrival, the officers contacted David Cronin and Alexsus Cronin who admitted to being involved in an argument. During the argument, it was determined, both Alexsus and David caused bodily injury to each other. David Cronin arrested for Third Degree Domestic Assault (Prior) Alexsus Cronin arrested for Third Degree
Domestic Assault.

Offense: Terroristic Threats
Victim: 44 year old female Incident #: L24070656
Offender: Kaley Johnson
Date and Time of Incident: 7/8/24 @ 17:07
Location of Incident: 2112 Sherman Blvd
Brief Narrative: Kaley hit her mother on the side of the head and attempted to choke her by placing her hands around her mom's neck. Kaley also stated that she was going to kill her mother. Case is under investigation.

Offense: Theft
Victim: 42 year old male Incident #: L24070625
Date and Time of Incident: between 6/29/24 & 7/8/24
Location of Incident: 3005 Hwy 30 E
Brief Narrative: On 07/08/24 Officers responded to 3005 US Hwy 30 E in reference a vehicle theft. Victim stated that his blue 2018 Polaris Razor was taken from this location and believed keys were left in the vehicle.  Case is open.

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