GI Police Report

News media report for: 04/01/24
All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours. For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.

Offense: DUI
Victim: Incident #: L24040002
Offender: Jose Gallardo
Date and Time of Incident: 4/1/24 @ 01:22
Location of Incident: 707 W 10th St
Brief Narrative: Officer observed a white Toyota 4Runner commit numerous traffic offenses near W 5 & Eddy St. Officer contacted Jose Gallardo on a traffic stop at 707 W 10 St. Gallardo showed signs of impairment. Gallardo refused a PBT and a formal chemical test. Gallardo was arrested for DUI 3rd Offense w/ Refusal, Driving while Revoked from DUI and Refuse PBT.

Offense: Flight to Avoid Arrest
Victim: Incident #: L24032068
Offender: Robin Montanez
Date and Time of Incident: 3/29/24 @ 22:11
Location of Incident: 1 st St & N Kimball
Brief Narrative: On 3/29/2024 at 2211 hours officer observed a white Chevrolet Silverado fail to stop at S Pine St and W Koenig St while traveling Northbound. Officer would initiate a traffic stop at E 1st St and N Kimball Ave. The driver would provide a NE identification card identifying him as Robin Montanez. The officer would return to the patrol vehicle and the vehicle would drive away from the stop. The vehicle would fail to stop at the stop sign at E 2nd St and N Kimball Ave while turning westbound. Additional officers in the area would observe the vehicle driving at a high rate of speed last seen southbound on S Elm St. A record check of Robin showed he has a suspended driver’s license. Robin Montanez was referred for Violate Stop Sign, Driving During Suspension and Flight to Avoid Arrest.

Offense: Attempted Burglary
Victim: 92 year old male & 88 year old female Incident #: L24032043
Date and Time of Incident: 3/29/24 @ 16 :11
Location of Incident: 3027 Orleans Dr
Brief Narrative: On 03-29-2024 at approximately 16:26 hours an attempt burglary was reported at 3027 Orleans Dr. Witnesses and the reporting party report two young males worked together in an attempt to kick front door of the residence while a third was near by acting as a lookout. The witness would yell out at the males, which caused them to flee the area on foot.

Offense: Vehicle Theft
Victim: 23 year old female Incident #: L24032100
Date and Time of Incident: 3/30/24 @ 06:00
Location of Incident: 1927 W 13th St
Brief Narrative: Victim reported her ex-boyfriend had stolen her vehicle after she let him spend the night at her residence. The vehicle was located in Seward County where he was taken into custody. Victim later went to Seward County and recovered her vehicle.

Offense: Vehicle Theft
Victim: 35 year old female Incident #: L24032195
Date and Time of Incident: 3/31/24 @ 20:00
Location of Incident: 710 W State St
Brief Narrative: On 3/31/2024 around 21:08hrs officers were dispatched, in response to a vehicle theft. Upon arriving Officers spoke to the victim who reported her blue 2001 GMC Sierra was stolen from outside a local business. The victim valued the vehicle at $2,000. The vehicle was later recovered, and returned to the owner. The case is still open.