School Choice Law Will Go To Voters

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The November 2024 general election will allow Nebraska voters to decide whether the Opportunity Scholarships Act should be repealed or retained.

County election officials have finished verifying valid signatures submitted as part of the petition drive to repeal LB753 and have certified their results with the Secretary of State’s office.

“After careful review by our county election officials, I can confirm that the constitutional requirements have been met to place the referendum petition on the November 2024 ballot,” Secretary Evnen said.

The Nebraska Secretary of State’s office notified the petition sponsors that their referendum petition made the ballot.

Governor Jim Pillen issued the following statement in response to an update provided by Secretary of State Bob Evnen that signatures collected for a repeal of LB753 (Opportunity Scholarship Act) had met the necessary threshold for placing the issue on the ballot in November 2024.

“This issue is very simple – it’s about giving families a choice in identifying the best educational environment for their kids. This is not about which one is better – public or private schools. I am confident that voters will understand the decision before them and will vote to keep school choice for children. We must provide students and their families the ability to decide the educational fit that works best for them. This law accomplishes that.”

At least 61,308 signatures were required to add the petition referendum to the ballot. County election officials verified 91,861 valid signatures, which met the threshold. Additionally, signatures of more than five percent of registered voters were collected in the 64 of the state’s 93 counties. This meets the constitutional distribution requirement of 38 counties for a referendum petition.

Over the coming days, the Attorney General will create the ballot language for the measure. In the fall of 2024, state election staff will schedule three public hearings about the measure and create informational pamphlets that will be available to voters at county election offices.