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Write-In Candidates Still Top Two Finishers In Unofficial Election Results

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The unofficial final results of the November 8, 2022 general election in Hall County were released today.

"These results reflect the counting of provisional ballots, as well as an additional review of more than 4,000 write-in votes cast in the Grand Island Public Schools Ward A school board race," said Hall County Election Commissioner Tracy Overstreet. "The results are labeled as unofficial because they have not been presented and accepted by the Hall County Canvassing Board. However, there are no more votes to be counted."

The results showed that two write-in candidates in the Grand Island Public Schools Ward A school board race were the top two finishers in the race. Overstreet said there will not be an automatic recount in the race. "State law (§32-1119) requires an automatic recount when the margin between finishers is less than 1 percent of the votes cast for the top vote getter," Overstreet stated. "That margin has not been met."

In the GIPS Ward A race, which was a vote for two race, Josh Sikes finished first with 2,144 votes. One percent of his total is 21.4 votes, which means a margin of 22 votes or fewer would be needed to force a recount. Amanda Wilson finished second with 2,030 votes, Terry Brown finished third with 1,974 votes, Dan Brosz finished fourth with 1,738 votes and John D. Pedrosa Jr. finished fifth with 948 votes. The margin between Wilson and Brown is 56 votes, which is higher than the 22 vote margin to force an automatic recount.

 Election results also show 110 "not assigned" write-in votes in the GIPS Ward A race. "Not assigned write-ins are those names written in that were not for a person who filed a write-in affidavit, which is a requirement to have your name counted," Overstreet said. "All the 'not assigned' write-ins have been reviewed, but were not for either Josh Sikes or Amanda Wilson."

"We appreciate the public's patience in our review of the write-ins and the provisional ballots," Overstreet said. "Hall County election staff worked Veteran's Day, Saturday and most of Sunday to complete this review. I am very proud of the staff's diligent work."

The Hall County Canvassing Board is scheduled to begin meeting Tuesday, November 15 at 9 a.m. The meeting is expected to continue over two to four days and will include a state-mandated hand-recount of select races in two Hall County precincts. The state-mandated recount is a customary procedure after every election in Nebraska as a method of testing election equipment.

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