Wrestling Results: Northwest vs North Platte

Photo Credit: Tosha Edwards Photo Credit: Tosha Edwards

The next action for the Northwest girls (Friday, January 26th) at York for the Central Conference invite. Northwest Boys will be at York on (Saturday, January 27th) for the Central Conference invite. Then the boys will travel to Seward for a make up date on Tuesday, January 30th. 

Northwest Girls 42 vs. North Platte 33 (01/25/2024)

135 Varsity - Ellie Smidt (Northwest Girls) over Unknown (For.)

140 Varsity - Miah Kenny (Northwest Girls) over Unknown (For.)

145 Varsity - Jaycee Hampton (North Platte Girls) over Aubrey Olsufka (Northwest Girls) (Dec 10-6)

155 Varsity - Emma Harb (Northwest Girls) over Caylee O`Brien (North Platte Girls) (Fall 1:21)

170 Varsity - Megan Boyd (Northwest Girls) over Jasmine Northey (North Platte Girls) (Fall 1:02)

190 Varsity - Gisela Rivas (North Platte Girls) over Unknown (For.)

235 Varsity - Unknown vs. Unknown

100 Varsity - Lilianna Guerrero (Northwest Girls) over Unknown (For.)

105 Varsity - Gracie Huggins (Northwest Girls) over Unknown (For.)

110 Varsity - Maiya Linden (Northwest Girls) over Unknown (For.)

115 Varsity - Janalliah Bourgeois (North Platte Girls) over Lian Chan (Northwest Girls) (Fall 1:59)

120 Varsity - Aaliyah Ramos (North Platte Girls) over Kali Kuck (Northwest Girls) (Fall 0:18)

125 Varsity - Ariana Alcorta (North Platte Girls) over Mariana Leon (Northwest Girls) (Fall 0:45)

130 Varsity - Suubi Alexander (North Platte Girls) over Kylee Coates (Northwest Girls) (Fall 1:09)

Northwest Boys 32 vs. North Platte 43 (01/25/2024)

190 Xavier Albertson (North Platte) over Kolton Kerr (Northwest) (MD 12-1)

215 Joseph Stein (Northwest) over Will Rathjen (North Platte) (Fall 1:29)
285 Alex Gove (North Platte) over Ian Cross (Northwest) (Fall 3:03)
106 Brody Pitner (North Platte) over Jaxon Christensen (Northwest) (TF 19-4 3:31)
113 Tyler Haneborg (North Platte) over Kaleb Keiper (Northwest) (Fall 0:58)

120 Alex Linden (Northwest) over Jace Kackmeister (North Platte) (Fall 1:34)

126 Madden Middleton (Northwest) over Camden Weaver (North Platte) (Fall 4:24)

132 Kirk Wilson (North Platte) over Roland Mendoza (Northwest) (MD 10-0)

138 Conner Dramse (Northwest) over Cayden Eyten (North Platte) (Dec 15-11)

144 Jace Kennel (North Platte) over Ashton Huggins (Northwest) (Fall 0:48)

150 Ethan Jackson (North Platte) over Owen Wiese (Northwest) (Fall 1:11)

157 Lathen Huntsman (North Platte) over Unknown (For.)

165 Theron Johnson (Northwest) over Brenttyn Boe (North Platte) (Fall 2:42)

175 Parker Yendra (Northwest) over Gabriel Moreno (North Platte) (Fall 1:54)